Shipping & Returns

IHH is set up as a home delivery business. On rare occasion, we are asked to ship certain things. We tend to avoid doing this because we can not offer competitive shipping rates. If asked, we will try and get a rate that makes sense to ship products. All shipping qoutes will be disclosed upfront.

Delivery is usually fee based at $5 per delivery, but due to COVID we are bypassing these fees to help offset costs to owners to ensure they can get supplies for thier pets at a reasonable price.  Delivery charges will be reinstated upon more revelations due to COVID shutdowns.  Our Delivery Area is inside I-285.  Scott Boulevard is the cutoff. Tuesdays is South of Scott, Thursdays is North of Scott. We also are starting a new delivery function of oversized ites more than 50# on Fridays for both areas.

Returns: We guarantee all food 100%. No questions asked.  For toys, treats, accessories- we will refund or replace with store credit on an individual customer basis.  We ask that any returns be brought back to the store within 30 days of purchase.