Why don’t I see your products anywhere else? 

Well, we try and do things a little differently.  Our foods mostly come from Ohio at Ohio Pet Foods. It is a family owned company that operates 2 plants.  We have been to the plant, we meet with the owners every year, and we have personally fed our own dogs their food since 2000.  We also look at the newest items in the industry and try to bring in vendors that support Mom & Pop stores.  We also pride ourselves in having as many Made in the USA products as possible, which we are currently over 90% domestic product.

Your prices seem very competitive, how do you do it?

We warehouse our own products direct from the manufacturer.   That direct price means we don’t have the distributor in the middle (we are the distributor) and we also don’t have to pay the weekly freight fees like all the other stores. We warehouse our own bulk products for maximum savings, and stock our shelves twice a week.

How fresh is your food? 

Our foods are made to order.  We typically get a shipment monthly of many tons of food and reorder.  Our food is usually completely rotated within 6 -8weeks upon receipt depending on formula.

Do you offer a guarantee or sample of your products? 

Yes for both!  We offer a money back guarantee on most anything we sell (except natural chews).  Your cat turned their nose up at some new food?  No Problem.   We also have sample bags of dog and cat food free of charge in the store.  We can even drop off a sample to one of your neighbor’s if we are delivering in your area.